Unmatched expertise in pitched roof systems

We have been making pitched roof products for almost a century, and our expertise, developed over this extended period of time, covers all steps of the manufacturing process and makes us a pre-eminent roofing manufacturer. We are one of the few manufacturers to offer both a comprehensive range of concrete and clay tiles for pitched roofs, supplemented by a choice of lightweight and environmentally friendly options, and complementary roofing components designed to cover various functional aspects of roof construction. BMI Group roofing systems are designed and tested to work perfectly together, so we can ensure a complete solution for every type of construction.

Our roof tiles

Our concrete roof tiles are the perfect choice for homeowners who put safety first. They are extremely robust, sturdy and help keep costs under control. From the single-family home to the modern villa they stand for reliable long-term solutions with consistently high quality.

Some of the very first concrete tiles, produced back in 1844 at a cement factory in Staudach, Germany, are still on roofs today. Those who use our clay roof tile choose a building material with a long tradition. Production principles have not changed for thousands of years: take natural clay, form it into a roof tile and heat it in an oven at 1,000 degrees Celsius. The local raw material creates a product that has a special charm, radiates warmth and security. Our roof tiles transform a house to a home. The evolution of one of the world’s oldest raw materials into a modern and contemporary building material shows the diversity and potential of clay roof tiles that continue to enjoy unwaning demand.

Our lightweight metallic roof tiles comprise a core of galvanised steel with a multi-layered protective coating and granular finish. They combine exceptional durability characteristics along with benefits such as fast installation, low maintenance and very efficient logistics. Decra tiles are proven on many types of newbuild and refurbishment projects. Applications in both the public and private sectors include housing, industrial, retail, commercial, educational, healthcare, modular build, leisure and secure buildings. They have demonstrated their durability and security in all kinds of conditions, from Canada’s sub-zero temperatures and high winds to the hot, humid, salt laden air of the Maldives. Decra tiles are manufactured on four continents and sold in over 70 countries.

Complete, integrated roof systems

A modern roof needs to do more than just keep the water out and a full roof system is more than the sum of its parts. The advantages of single components are more extensive when placed within the context of a system. High-performance insulation together with breathable underlays, our infra-red reflecting tiles and photovoltaic systems offer high energy-saving potential. The right tiles in combination with matching fixings and snow & safety components resist even the harshest of weather conditions.

Sustainable, efficient solar power

As a leading supplier of complete roof systems BMI Group offers powerful roof integrated PV systems that are more than the sum of their individual parts: photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal, high-performance insulation, roof tiles and exactly matching components as well as excellent service form a complete system. We partner with leading solar module manufacturers so both our in-roof and on-roof solutions combine the highest levels of quality, functionality and design.

BMI Group offers powerful roof integrated PV systems, creating an absolutely harmonious image. They combine high performance and aesthetics with maximum efficiency. Thanks to special substructures our PV premium system stands for one thing - a long-lasting and secure roofing solution. Due to its perfect integration, using the PV modules instead of roof tiles, it is suitable for use with all common tile models and offers excellent aesthetics.

New high-performance flat collectors with improved efficiency and optimised design are the core element of our complete solar thermal solutions. They are characterised by extreme weather resistance and high yields – even in winter time.

Architectural low-pitched roofs

Architectural design trends have shaped demand for low-pitched roofs that don’t usually accommodate traditional tiles. To meet this challenge, our engineers have developed specialised concrete tiles and a new generation of roofing accessories for pitches lower than 15 degrees – with no compromise in strength or aesthetics.

Advanced lightweight tile technology

With Aerlox, BMI Group’s experts have developed a new type of concrete tile. A highly advanced recipe and an innovative physical structure allow it to weigh up to 40% less than a traditional tile whilst retaining all important advantages, notably its durability. This is great news for homeowners thinking of replacing an old roof, but who have weaker roof constructions which cannot carry the weight of traditional tiles. For the first time they are able to cover their roofs with “real” tiles. The lower overall weight of Aerlox tiles also has the potential to reduce typical health issues in the roofing sector stemming from the repetitive lifting of weights.

Innovation for cool roofs

Protegon is the future of concrete roof tile technology. Special pigments on its surface make this roof tile reflect 300% more infrared rays than traditional roof tiles. The roof stays cooler and also cools the surrounding air. The underside of the Protegon tile may be up to 10°C cooler which leads to an improvement of the air in the living space. Protegon has a high corrosion protection and is mostly safe from greening. Each of these characteristics in itself is special. United in one roof tile they are outstanding.

Helping you see furtherevery day

Our teams don’t just look at the big picture. They’re specialists and they’re here to help you with all the details that will realise your individual roofing vision.



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