Our complete roofing systems can offer enhanced security, high performance and advanced functionality for non-residential, public, private and commercial customers everywhere. Decades of knowledge and expertise help us to see further, giving us a deep understanding of what it takes to keep your construction watertight, safe and secure – for now and the future. It means we are able to drive innovation, developing the latest technologies for durability, energy-efficiency and sustainability in our broad range of solutions.

Tried and tested to extremes

We use advanced manufacturing techniques to develop new products that are designed to meet the latest market needs. Then we put them through the toughest tests so you can be sure that wherever you’re building, our roofing systems will more than stand up to the demands of the local climate. We reduce long periods of testing for UV weathering using accelerated UV tests with equipment that is calibrated against real life behaviour of the products. Decades of exposure can be simulated within weeks. Many of our tests require detailed knowledge of the local climate, in a form that is not available from meteorological services. Therefore, we operate a network of weathering stations across the globe where thousands of product samples are placed for regular review.

A complete roofing solution

As well as offering high performance and value, all of our systems and components are designed to integrate seamlessly for a complete roofing solution. They’re easy to work with in the construction phase and provide a secure, long term investment for your building project.