To keep our customers satisfied, we work hard to ensure you always have easy access to the products in our range that you need. We also provide sales and marketing support, product updates, application training, and all the technical support you need to make sure that whatever the project, you can specify the right solution.

Account and service support for you and your customers

We’re committed to helping professionals get the best possible performance from our complete roofing and waterproofing systems. Our experienced sales teams are focused on understanding the needs and requirements of our customers, rather than on particular products.

Sharing specialist knowledge

We provide a comprehensive range of technical services and advice to ensure you have the support you need across all of our product ranges. Members of our technical team are available at any time during working hours to answer queries on any aspect of roofing and waterproofing design, or best practice.

Brands that maximise stock turn

We recognise that management of space, stock turn and efficient logistics are all priorities for our distribution and merchant partners. Through efficient product-on-pallet configuration we help our customers maximise space in both in the warehouse and on vehicles. We continuously invest in our market leading brands so that our customers can be certain of the best stock turnover from the constant demand of our products and systems.

Added value supply chain partnership

Our specialist account teams work with our distribution partners to provide training and to promote the benefits of selling added-value system solutions to their customers. In this way we create additional margin opportunities for, and close working relationships with, our distribution and merchant partners.